A portrait of three men, three generations, each bearing their own father's and their father's father's history. Their childhood home is still overshadowed by the family past. The documentary explores foreignness and intimacy, stubbornness and the child inside the man - a story about stories and family legends, which lead back over more than a century, and far beyond the protagonists' personal lives.


Idiosyncratic, poetic and provocative, Jan Schmitt's second film gets us thinking about fathers and sons and the images of manhood we construct.


The film is set in the industrial city of Mannheim, the birthplace of the automobile and the Zeppelin. The Paradies is a corner house with pub owned by the family for over a century and situated in the heart of the Neckarstadt, the working men's quarters within spitting distance of the car factory. In 1926 a man is murdered in this house, a waitress from the Paradies is said to have killed him during lovemaking. Rumors spread. A song about the tale catches on in the streets, keeping the story alive - until today.





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